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Vibration Sensors

Engineering Dynamics (Pty) Ltd offers the widest variety of high quality accelerometers, vibration sensors, cables and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. It’s an industry leading product portfolio supported by an unconditional lifetime warranty on all CTC Industrial accelerometers and Wilcoxon Sensors systems.

We supply a complete line of shear mode, low noise vibration transducers for use in harsh environments. Our Vibration Transducers feature an all welded construction with hermetically sealed glass to metal connectors. It also features an integral cable option to ensure survival in coolants, caustic spray or submersible applications. All vibration sensors are supplied with an NIST traceable calibration certificate from the ISO 9001 certified factory and feature a limited lifetime warranty. Stock is carried in the most popular Vibration Sensor models, CSI/Emerson data collector cables, magnets and magnet disks.

A small sample of the most popular Vibration Sensors are:

  • 100 mV/g standard size accelerometers – AC102,AC104
  • 100 mV/g small size accelerometers – AC140, AC240
  • 100 mV/g compact size accelerometers – AC192, AC194
  • 500 mV/g low frequency accelerometers – AC133, AC135
  • 10 mV/g accelerometers – AC131, AC220
  • Biaxial/Triaxial accelerometers – AC115, AC119, AC132, AC155
  • Dual output accelerometer with temperature – TA102, TA104
  • Temperature Sensor – TC120, TC124
  • High Temperature Accelerometer (162 degC) – AC207
  • Very High Temperature Accelerometer (343 deg C) – CM362-7A
  • Velocity Sensors – VE101, VE102
  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) versions. ATEX: Zone 0 and Zone 2  – AC900 Series for all your EX requirements

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