i-Alert Intelligent Vibration Sensor

It continuously trends and stores overall vibration, temperature and bearing...



i-Alert – Intelligent Vibration Sensor

The i-Alert Intelligent Vibration Sensor continuously trends and stores overall vibration, temperature and bearing condition in 3 directions. Wirelessly access stored data through any smart phone or tablet during routine inspections.

Improved CM Program Effectiveness

  • Continuous data collection allows for diagnosis of transient and process related problems. These are traditionally very hard if not impossible to spot with monthly or quarterly vibration sensor data collection cycles. Especially effective for batch process equipment.
  • Traditional walk around portable data collection requires at least 2 months to generate 2 points for a “trend”. Also to establish a baseline. In 2 months, the i-ALERT monitor can measure and store 720 points. Thus giving the PdM practitioner a superior level of confidence and understanding of the equipment’s behavior.
  • Changes in machine state automatically trigger the device to capture spectral and time waveform data. The ability to capture this diagnostic data in conjunction with the trend and timestamp information improves a reliability practitioner’s ability to troubleshoot more.
  • Temperature and Kurtosis trending enhance the traditional overall vibration dataset, yielding more accurate condition assessment than overall RMS vibration alone.

Improved CM Program Efficiency

  • Faster data collection and less time spent walking routes because the need to physically mount a temporary sensor is eliminated.
  • Easily visible indication of equipment condition during data collection through the device’s onboard LEDs.
  • Data collection can be easily integrated into existing operator rounds.
  • Allows your highly skilled vibration analysts to focus on solving chronic problems instead of routine monitoring. This is becoming increasingly more important as these skill sets are in short supply.
  • Users can simultaneously view any machine’s current overall condition for any device in range. No need to actually touch each machine to get the data.
  • The i-Alert can be used to monitor troublesome machines waiting for transient events. When done, move it to the next next machine and so on.
  • No need to get close to dangerous machines. Bluetooth can transmit stored data 30 meters.

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Dimensions  –   57mm L x 39mm W x 26mm H


  • Temperature
  • 3 Axis Vibration (RMS Velocity)
  • Kurtosis for bearing/gear condition
  • Machine run-time counter
  • Vibration Spectrum (FFT)
  • Time Waveform (TWF)


  • 3-axis accelerometer ±16g
  • Frequency range: axial 10-1,000Hz. Horizontal 10-1,000Hz. Radial 10-600Hz
  • FFT resolution: 1Hz/line


  • X,Y,Z velocity RMS, Kurtosis, Temperature
  • Hourly measurements for 170 days
  • Weekly Summary (min,max,avg) for 5 years


  • Ambient temperature: -40°C to +84°C
  • IP68 water and dust protected
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Class I, II, III, Division 1 Groups C,D,E,F,G
  • ATEX Zone 0 AEx ia IIB Ga (Groups C & D)

Battery & Power

  • 6 V Lithium battery
  • Life expectancy : 3 years (use dependent)


  • Shell Material: Nylon 12
  • Mounting Stud: 316SS


  • Web App at i-Alert.ai
  • Free App from iTunes App Store or Google Play


  • Green LED for unit ON, Red LED for unit in ALARM, Blue LED for Bluetooth on

Wireless Synching

  • 2400-2483.5 MHz Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Max range: 30m



Display and Compatible Platforms

Apple iPad (Air, Mini, Pro), Apple iPhone (5s & up), Samsung (Galaxy Tab A Tablet),  Samsung (Galaxy S6 & up), Google/LG (Nexus 7,9 Tablet), Google/LG (Nexus 5x, 6, 6p Phone), Motorola (Droid Turbo, MOTO G, MOTO X Phone)



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