For entry level laser shaft alignment, the Easy-Laser E420 is a perfect solution....



The Easy-Laser E420 

“too good for an entry level kit!”

The Easy-Laser E420 shaft alignment system sets the standard in basic wireless laser shaft alignment systems. It consists of wireless measuring units, a large 5.7” colour display. The major components are IP65-rated design and it will withstand harsh environments. These are the features you would normally only find in more expensive systems!

Easy-Laser E420 Shaft Alignment Kit Features


The measuring units are incredibly compact. It features Bluetooth Wireless technology, an integrated rechargeable battery and large 20 mm TruePSD detectors. This means that they are easy to fit onto most types of machines. Full freedom of movement around the machine that is to be aligned is achieved with wireless technology and as a result. As a result, no more cables!


Programs for Horizontal and Vertical machines are included. Added to that are functions for soft foot control, thermal growth compensation and tolerance control.

The measurement system is really very easy to use. Pre-mounted units on the chain brackets make it easy to install. The programs guide you step-by-step through the alignment process. The measuring units can be positioned anywhere on the shaft. Next you can record three readings with as little as 20° of rotation between them. The next step is to adjust the machine using live values and save the measurements in the display unit memory. You can also transfer the results to the database with the EasyLink program (included free of charge). As a result, in EasyLink you can customize your report with your own logo and then print or email the report.

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System Parts

A complete system contains:

1 Measuring unit M
1 Measuring unit S
1 Display unit
2 Shaft brackets with chains
2 Extension chains
4 Rods 120 mm
4 Rods 60 mm
1 Carrying case
1 USB memory stick
1 Charger 240 VAC
1 DC charging cable
1 DC to USB adapter
1 Quick reference manual
1 CD with documentation
1 Measuring tape 3 m




E420 Shims_brochure

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