E940 Machine Tool

For measuring and aligning machine tools.
The Easy-Laser® E940 Machine tool...


For measuring and aligning machine tools.
The Easy-Laser® E940 Machine tool system is the market’s most complete measurement system formeasuring and aligning machine tools using laser alignment principles. Ideal for large organisations or service companies, the system allows you to measure straightness, spindle pointing/direction, flatness and squareness. The laser alignment system guides the user step-by-step throught the process with clear graphics and instructions on the large colour display. The system can handle most tasks in this field, despite the fact that there is considerable variation in machine design: different types of lathes, milling machines, automatic drills, presses, water cutting machines etc.Compared to conventional methods like dial gauges, mandrels and stones, work can be carried outmuch quicker with this laser system. The measurement results are stored and can be printed out aftercomparison with built-in ISO10792-1 and 10791-2 standards.

The versatility of the E940 Machine Tool system is further enhanced by the D22 swivel laser which is standard with the kit as well as the 2 laser detectors with cleverly designed brackets communicating either via Bluetooth or cables with the display unit.

The Easy Laser E940 comes standard with the new HyperPSD precision detectors, making it possible to display a resolution of 0.0001mm!

No-one can check spindle direction and squareness as fast as we can in less than 30 minutes!

System Parts

A complete E940 system contains:

1 Display unit
2 Measuring units, ESH, EMH (HyperPSD)
2 Spindle brackets for measuring units
1 D22 Swivel Laser  + Clamping pin
2 Bluetooth Units
1 E285 Vibrometer probe
1 Rods set (4 x 120 mm)
1 Rods set (4 x 60mm)
2 Offset brackets
1 Magnet base
1 Magnet base with turnable head
2 Cables 2 m length
2 Extension cables 5 m
1 USB memory stick
1 Shoulder strap for display unit
1 Manual
1 Machine tool guide
1 Measuring tape
1 Protective case for Display unit
1 EasyLink™
1 USB cable
1 Carrying case