Infrared Windows

Infrared Windows allow for inspections without opening doors.


Infrared Windows

Thermographic Cameras are based on digital camera technology and therefore require line-of-site to record an accurate image. Thermographic surveys are hampered by cabinet designs that obscure the large components being imaged. Infrared Windows solve this problem. Thermographers are put at risk by having to open cabinets or doors in an attempt to gain access to the internal components that they wish to image.

Even the most comprehensive risk assessments and method statements cannot avoid the obvious risks involved. The use of Infrared Windows is becoming more common place. In fact, electrical panel manufacturers are now fitting Infrared Windows, grills, mesh screens, etc. in an attempt to make their panels infrared friendly.

Sorem’s Infrared Windows, the HVIR was developed in 1995. It has been tested by a number of customers and international laboratories (UL, BV, LCIE…) and also by most international electrical equipment manufacturers. Various special HVIR versions are available to operate under special conditions. The group 1 material is recommended for shortwave (2 – 5 µm) or band II Thermographic Cameras. The group 2 material can be used for both band II (2 – 5 µm) and band III (7-14 µm) Thermographic Cameras. Three diameter Windows are available 52, 71 and 95mm.

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