Protect the Value of your Laser Alignment System

There are thousands of different industries in the world and probably also thousands of aspects that differentiate them. But one thing that all industries have in common is the goal to maintain a high output, using excellent equipment to deliver high-quality products and services. To achieve this, it is important that your machines’ full capacities are being used and checked by reliable and serviceable laser alignment measurement equipment.

Correctly laser aligning a piece of machinery increases the availability of the whole production process. Correct measurement and alignment further extend the lives of your machines’ components, decreasing the need for spare parts and thus saving resources. It could also reduce the risk for mechanical problems with up to 80 percent, depending on process and production.

To achieve the benefits brought by correctly laser aligned machines, it is crucial to have a well-functioning measurement and laser alignment system. That means you can solve the measuring assignments in the best way possible and avoid situations that bring doubt about the result. A well-functioning measurement and laser alignment system also brings the possibility to take advantage of your machines’ full capacities.


Avoid downtime by keeping the laser alignment system in “good shape”.

There are many consequences resulting from having a poorly functioning laser alignment system. If there is uncertainty concerning the system’s functionality, the measurement and alignment process could take longer than necessary. If the system isn’t in perfect condition you might need to check the result more than once. Wrong settings on the production equipment caused by incorrect measurements can lead to problems with the equipment as well as products produced. In case of a production stop where measurement and alignment are required in order to continue production it is important that the system is in good shape. If you at that time realize it needs maintenance or calibration, there will be unnecessary downtime waiting for the system to come back from the calibration or service centre. Therefore, the advantage of a functioning system which is ready to be used, is clear.

Regularly check so you have the latest software version installed. And don’t forget to calibrate it at recommended intervals.

Cleanliness, accuracy and correct storage are highly important.

There are many things you can do to extend the life of your laser alignment system
. Start by regularly checking that contacts and connections are intact. Clean the system and keep it in good condition according to the description in the manual. Cleanliness and accuracy are necessary to conduct careful measurements. Depending on the environment it operates in, the measurement and alignment system needs to be protected from dust, water and other grime entering the system. Always store it in the transport case when it is not being used, and calibrate according to recommended intervals. A long lifetime on your system means a high return on investment. Keep your measurement system in good shape by cleaning it after each use, and check for possible damage. Then you know you will be able to do the job properly also next time.


Use your machines’ full capacity with Easy Laser ® measurement and alignment systems

Easy-Laser® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of laser based measurement and alignment systems. For us, it is important to support our customers whenever needed. That is how we learn to understand our customers’ needs and how to solve a situation in the best way possible. We thank our users a lot! It might sound like a cliché but it is actually true. It is only after you purchased the system that the real partnership with our customers begin. The more you understand about measurement technology, the more use you will get out of your equipment in your daily work. We offer training courses to deepen your knowledge within the measurement and alignment area.

We have customers that still use our systems after nearly twenty years. That is what we call a cost effective investment. With proper handling, you can keep the total life cycle cost of your system down. Investing in a well-functioning measurement and alignment system will help keep your production running, decrease maintenance and contribute to an effective and high-quality production line.