Big Couplings – Tips for alignment

One of the first questions (after the “how much” question…) when discussing our Easy-Laser models is:
” What is the biggest shaft diameter your Easy-Lasers can handle?”
The standard answer from the datasheet states –  450mm with the standard chain brackets and up to 800mm with the extension chains standard in every kit.

However, in most cases this is not the only constraint. Big shafts have big couplings!
So, which accessories can be used to “see” across the coupling?
You need height and in most cases the rods provided in the kit will not be long/tall enough. In any case, this is not the best solution. By adding more rods the assembly becomes wobbly like the tallest building in Dubai in the wind. It plays havoc with repeatability. You definitely do not need more uncontrollable variables in your measurement.

At Easy-Laser we have a few solutions:

In the picture below the magnetic bases are used on the coupling halves with the supplied rod lengths. These magnets have magnetic surfaces on the bottom and the back with tapped holes for a variety of mounting positions. These magnet bases are standard in our E710 kit.

Magnet Base 1

Magnet Base 2

Another popular solution is our thin magnetic bracket pair. Picture below.  This bracket has axial magnets and can be attached to any coupling half. The rods are screwed into tapped holes on the top for mounting the laser units.

Thin Magnetic