Our handheld vibration range covers the most practical and popular choices in industry. Starting with our Vibration Pen measuring only overall vibration levels in mm/s.

The Viber X3 measures velocity in mm/s, bearing condition, temperature and one can add headphones for listening to the sound of bearings or other high frequency events. With its own trending software, a 100 points can be trended.

The next level up in our range of handheld vibration analysis products is the X-Viber with added functions like an onboard tacho and temperature measurement. Two versions are available:
1. X-Viber Standard which has the ability to store and download route-based single value data to theX-Trend software for trending.
2. X-Viber Pro uses Spectra Pro software where you can view basic vibration spectrum data for diagnostics of machine problems. This system can be expanded to do single plane balancing. The excellent value for money on this instrument has resulted in being our best seller!

The Viber X5 features full 2 up to 4 channel capability and communicate with the same Spectra Pro software as for the X-Viber. This means one software and database that can talk to multiple instruments – ideal for service companies or larger plants with their own in-house CM department combining X5s and X-Vibers.

For service companies looking for a dedicated portable balancing instrument, we offer the CX Balancer which is a complete kit ready for onsite 2 plane balancing ideal for fans and other impellers. Spectrum measurements are available should one wants to do troubleshooting.

For Entek software users, we offer the Enpac DYNAMIX 2500 system with full featured 2-4 channel data collector with advanced functions communicating with Emonitor state-of-the-art condition monitoring software – still regarded as the benchmark for advanced vibration analysis software!