Infrared Thermography

Thermal Imaging Cameras – The Heat Map for Efficiency!

Machines and process equipment emit heat in the form of electromagnetic radiation, displaying thermal patterns that reveal valuable information about their operating condition. When these patterns are captured as thermal images by a Thermal Imaging or Infrared Camera and then analyzed, significant performance problems can be identified.

Benefits to your operation:

  • Prevents unplanned downtime due to electrical faults.
  • Reduction in energy costs by identifying heat loss or cooling system leaks.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and downtime losses by identifying abnormal mechanical conditions – before they lead to catastrophic failure.
  • Potential to reduce insurance premiums via fire hazard detection.

The range of applications is limited only by your imagination.

Specific examples of what can be identified using Thermal Imaging Camera technology include:

  • Insulation degradation that leads to costly, unwanted heat transfer – particularly for lagged equipment and refractory lined vessels.
  • Hot Joints caused by faulty connections in electrical circuits. Electrical phase unbalance that can lead to power loss in electrical motors.
  • Misalignment of bearings and gears.
  • Hot Bearings due to incorrect installation or lubrication practices, as well as bearings that are approaching the end of their fatigue life.
  • Blockages and Dead Spots in circulation systems, such as the cooling tubes of heat exchangers, can be identified without the need to ‘crack’ lines.

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