Big Couplings - Tips for alignment

Author: - Friday, July 10, 2015
One of the first questions (after the "how much" question...) when discussing our Easy-Laser models is: " What is the biggest shaft diameter your Easy-Lasers can handle?" The standard answer from the datasheet states - 450mm with the standard chain brackets and up to 800mm with the extension chains standard in every kit. However, in most  ..

D22 Versatile Swivel Laser

Author: - Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Towards the end of last year we got many requests for laser measurements during annual shutdowns to measure flatness, straightness, squareness and parallelism with a laser in a variety of situations. Enter our trusted swivel laser transmitter and our big seller, the D22. The D22 Swivel laser can be used to measure flatness, straight ..
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Christo van der Walt - Managing Director of Engineering Dynamics

Throughout my career of more than twenty years in preventing machine failure, I have asked myself the following questions:

  • Why should clients pay for features they don’t need?
  • Why should it be so complicated?
  • Can’t it be easier to use?
  • Can’t it be less sophisticated and still provide the critical information?

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Laser Alignment Equipment E710

Our philosophy is that measurement and alignment must be easy! Easy to mount fixtures, easy to take measurements and align machines and easy to understand results. If it is easy to use, then the alignment or measurement process will be fast and efficient. Click on our product pages below or use our Application Selector first to find your application area.


Dynamix 2500 Handheld Vibration Analyzer

Our vibration analysis products range from basic handheld instruments to dual channel vibration instruments with or without analysis software. We supply a complete range of vibration transducers, cables and associated hardware as well as vibration protection systems for critical machines. Please see options below.

Media Coverage

A complete and balanced article appeared in the October/November edition of the local Machinery and Accessory Market SA magazine.
The Easy-Laser E940 is the perfect tool for measuring flatness, straightness, squareness and level on machine tools.

E940 Machine Tool Article E940 Machine Tool Article (1514 KB)

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